Many of the people nowadays are dealing with many types of diseases and one among them can include cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia etc. Even though we sometimes do not know what is the cause for these issues, we cannot remove them just like that. Therefore, you can consult with your doctor who can give you an expert advice, and also some drugs that can help us treat that particular disease, but not all of us are a great fan of doctors and hospitals. And there, some of us do not have the money to buy drugs.

What we can do about this is great news. There exists a natural remedy that is very powerful as well as effective with dealing with many different health problems including diabetes, and we can take this sheet wherever we go and it can give us some health benefits. In case you have not heard of the bay leaf, it is that particular remedy that can help you. Nowadays many of us know it is seasoning food, but it is as well great in the field of health because it contains in itself vitamins and minerals that are actually very good and crucial for our overall basic health. As said, it can help with diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and more…

This one is a small tree that grows to the Mediterranean region, but because of changing climates, their natural growth had been shrunken. This is one plant that has been a part of people’s cousins for thousands of years. People from Italy ass the whole leaves to some specific dishes and after that they remove them or use as decoration, but its leaves are not consumed. And some of us use it as a spice to stews and soups. There are other plants that remind us of this plant but they do not contain the same nutritional values. Moreover, this leaf is very effective in fighting against some diseases, and also helps in fighting diabetes, cholesterol, insomnia and also blood pressure, and it also has some other benefits.

Health benefits of laurel sheet

This one is a great spice to flavor our meals, and it is useful in natural medicine as well. So, if you want to know what other benefits this leaf has, please read below so you can find out. It is good in fighting depression, fluid retention, distension in the abdomen, gas problems, insomnia, otitis, sciatic nerve pains, snoring, cutaneous infections, urethritis, arthritis, muscular exhaustion, cystitis, lack of energy and weakness, spasms, premenstrual syndrome etc, but the question is how are they useful. There is one way, and that is to make a laurel leaf tea which can better your health by offering its benefits.

How to make the tea for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol?


  • Thirty grams of dry bay leaf
  • A cup of water


Add the leaves in a boiled water and then continue boiling them for a couple of more minutes, then turn off the stove, cover the pot and leave it staying like that until the tea is cold. After that filter the tea and sip it into a cup. This drink should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning as well as before bed. If you want better taste use some natural sweetener. Enjoy the tea and the benefits of it.