If your goal is to gain lean muscle, you should focus on exercising regularly and eating more calories each day from muscle-building foods.

Buckwheat Noodles

Not sure of which food items will provide the buckwheat noodles? It is the Japanese Soba, which is rich in buckwheat noodles. If you are fond of it, then you eat it as a thorough dish, otherwise, you can just toss it in the salad. These noodles are 0% fat, which helps you gain muscle mass, without putting on any fat.

Lean Ground Beef

Beef is a source of protein, zinc, vitamin B and iron. If you are looking for all this, then you need not be hesitant in going with the Lean Ground Beef, which can help you build muscle mass comprehensively.


Apart from being excellent in terms of gaining muscle mass, this green vegetable is more than handy when it comes to fighting the cancerous cells.

Cottage Cheese-Fat Free

If you are looking to enjoy all the benefits of whey in a food item, then cottage cheese has to be your way to go. You must go with the fat-free cheese, otherwise, you may end up gaining fat as well, apart from muscle mass. You can easily flavor it with hot sauce, soy sauce, fish chives, and ground ginger to enjoy a refreshing snack. If you are intending to achieve your bodybuilding goals, then one thing you need to keep in mind is that you should say no to the canned fruits, especially the ones with heavy syrup.

Canned Salmon or Tuna

If you are into bodybuilding big time, then you need to include this oily fish in your diet plan. With Omega 3 fatty acids, Canned Salmon or Tuna or even Sardines can help you achieve your bodybuilding goals ideally. You can directly eat such oily fish from the can or you can mix it with salads. If you are looking for a healthy afternoon snack, then Tuna or Salmon mixed with chopped boiled eggs can serve you ideally.

Turkey Breast

If you are looking for a high protein food, then Turkey food can serve you ideally. It can be an ideal post-workout food you can go with. The old-school bodybuilders used to eat it in a large quantity, and this is because of the benefits it can bring about in terms of bodybuilding and muscle growth.


This is another carb which digests slowly. It can be used as a pre-workout snack as it offers the energy required by the body to endure the muscle fatigue during the workout. If you mix it with protein powder, the end result could be a fine afternoon snack.

Lean Beef

A small piece of beefsteak can come good anytime. With loads of proteins and fats, you can give your body plenty to cheer about, especial after a workout. If you are looking to have it in higher proportions, then the lean beef can be ideal for a post-workout meal.

Pork Loin

This flavored and tender meat is ideal for those looking for taste coupled with high intake of proteins. Moreover, it is low in fats, which is even better for those looking to grow muscle mass. Pork ribs are famous for the flavor and tenderness they offer.

Chicken Breast

Though the presence of fat is there, still, chicken is rated as one of the finest foods in terms of bodybuilding. You can cook it in various ways, and this is what adds to its beauty. If you eat chicken regularly while hitting it hard in the gym, then you can achieve your bodybuilding goals without much hassle.

Sprouted Grains

If you are looking for food items that can easily be digested, then sprouted grain bread can be an ideal pick. With zero fats, you can expect the desired outcomes without putting up much fat. If you eat sandwiches a lot, then you should try going with grain bread. If you are having difficulty in finding these, then you should refer to the natural food stores to buy the grain bread.


Eggs are rich in essential fats and proteins. If you are looking for a perfect post-workout meal, then you can include the hardboiled eggs in your list. These were thought of as a food item which can bring about obesity, but the recent research has shown that this isn’t the case. Properly cooked/boiled eggs are more than handy in terms of building muscles. When finalizing the foods you need to go with, ensure you consider the foods that can boost your metabolic rate. High protein and high fiber foods can be ideal in that regard, but mustard, chilies.

Water and green tea can also serve the purpose greatly. You also need to consider fruit intake, which can help you immensely. You should look to go for the fruits that are rich in Vitamin C, and Citrus is one of them. It helps your body to release unnecessary fats from your body. Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, and Orange are other fruit types which you need to consider. Apart from these, Apple is another fruit which you should eat a lot, primarily when you are in the process of building muscles. According to modern research, it is established that the calcium present in dairy products can be an excellent fat burner, and this is what people need when they train hard in the gym. Calcium is essential for the body and instead of going with the calcium supplements; you should opt for the natural products, i.e. the dairy products.

When you do heavy weight lifting and strenuous workout, you need to ensure your body is never deprived of energy. For this reason, the intake of carbohydrates and proteins become essential. The following is a list of foods that will help you increase your energy levels, which can help during workout sessions.


It can serve as a great midmorning snack or a superb breakfast. As Oats offer plenty of energy, you should not be hesitant in going with these. The energy you get from oats tends to stay for a long period of time.

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When it comes to beverages, it is second on the list of most popular beverages there for the taking in the US. The presence of caffeine gives you the required boost which is something you need to look forward to. Over usage of coffee isn’t a wise thing to do, as it can bring about fatigue.

Chick Beans, Lentils and Navy Beans

As these legumes are low in fat, so you can count on these without any second thoughts. If you aren’t used to beans, then you need to start with small portions to ensure your metabolism isn’t affected in any manner.


Without proper intake of water, your body cannot absorb the vital nutrients and get rid of the ones the body doesn’t need. Water helps you generate energy by allowing for digestion. Being dehydrated doesn’t help, so you need to keep this aspect in mind.


It is a muscle-boosting snack which can be an ideal post-workout food. As these are easily digested and offer ample energy, you should eat bananas more often than not, primarily if you train hard in the gym.


These fish are high in energy and can boost your energy level big time. With a substantial quantity of amino acid, sardines can help you with the required muscle growth goals. Moreover, brain functioning can also be enhanced by eating sardines.


The sugars present in chocolates not only help you increase the energy levels, but there are other characteristics as well. Chocolates help in digestion and the increase in sexual appetite is also inked with chocolates.


This red meat can be ideal for those looking for a mouth-watering meal which can also help in gaining muscle strength. If you are looking for ideal results, then you should go for smaller portions of steak, rather than one large meal.

Healthy Fats

Avocados, almonds, nuts, and seeds offer healthy fats you can look forward to. These include the essential Omega 3 and Omega 6, which can help you immensely.


It is an energy booster, and the presence of magnesium can help you ideally. Other than yogurt, other dairy foods like cheese, cottage, skim milk etc are essential for your body, especially when it comes to bodybuilding.

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Foods That Help In Muscle Building

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