The human  body is consisted of arteries and these are vessels that flow the blood away from our heart and each one of them is a muscular tube lined by a tissue that is kind of smooth. They are a part from the body that are elementary and the health of the same is crucial and also essential for the functioning of the body. Ingestion of food that contains fat, processed foods, toxins are chemicals are a cause for great damage to the cardiovascular system and arteries and most of the time it results in heart diseases such as the heart attack.

Arteries can be cleansed with the following amazing recipe.


One piece of ginger, eight lemons, eight cloves of garlic and three liters of clean water

  1. First of all, wash and then cut the lemons into slices.
  2. Then, clean the cloves from the ginger and the garlic
  3. After that, blend and mix all of the ingredients until you end up with a smooth mixture
  4. Place the mixture in a pot with water and cook until it gets to a boiling point
  5. Lastly, remove it from the heat and store the mixture into bottles.

This one remedy should be taken every day on an empty stomach, two hours before your meals, and during the treatment it is recommended to exercise regularly so that way you will get the best results to unclog arteries and prevent potential heart attack.