Anybody loves leftovers– they’re easy to reheat and may be fed on quickly. but, reheating food isn’t always so innocent – according to specialists, there are a few foods which ought to in no way be reheated if you need to defend your health.

There are meals that may be reheated a couple of times, however also meals that must never be warmed up once more. eating some reheated leftovers can severe damage your health, so make sure to keep away from the four following leftovers:


Storing vegetables improperly or reheating them isn’t always most effective dangerous – it could also be fatal! in step with the center for food safety, leftover greens ought to always be saved at -four C. in case you plan on storing them for longer, freeze them. Spinach, beets, lettuce and celery comprise high degrees of nitrates that could accumulate if the greens are exposed to room temperature and reason numerous troubles. according to studies, nitrate can motive methemoglobinemia in kids, a unprecedented blood disease which reasons signs and symptoms together with seizures, shortness of breath and fatigue.


Reheating food made with vegetable oils is fantastically risky and has been connected with an increased risk of coronary heart disorder, stroke and cancer. in line with current studies, reheating polyunsaturated oils that comprise linoleic acid (sunflower oil, canola and corn oil) releases four-hydroxy-trans-2-nonenal (HNE), a toxin derived from fatty acids which could harm your health. This poisonous compound has been linked to coronary heart ailment, liver problems, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and a few varieties of cancer. Vegetable oils are intended to be used handiest one time, and ought to never be heated to the factor of releasing smoke.

Chicken meat

chook meat incorporates lots of protein, so whilst it’s heated for a second time, its composition alters to a extra dangerous one. Reheating cold bird meat is allowed most effective if the interior of the beef could be very warm. this is particularly essential in case you’re the usage of a microwave, which on occasion doesn’t heat food flippantly. additionally, you should recognize that hen meat can be ate up for up to 2 days, and now not a second greater.


Rice must be saved nicely if you need to live healthy. The food fashionable employer says that raw rice consists of spores of harmful bacteria that can live to tell the tale the first cooking manner. If the rice is then stored at room temperature, those spores will multiply and cause several digestive issues. The spores can even survive the reheating, which is why specialists advocate eating all of the rice you’ve cooked without delay. If there are leftovers, freeze them in preference to preserving the rice for your refrigerator till the next day.